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We provide consulting services across a broad range of industries and disciplines. To review some of our engagements in a particular industry, choose one of the following:
bulletFinancial Services
bulletUtilities and Telecommunications
bulletTransportation and Distribution
bulletHealth Care

Manufacturing:                              TOP

Assisted a chemical company, using both process and make-to-order manufacturing, in the planning, design, acquisition and implementation of a new technology platform. Interviewed candidates for the Information Systems Manager position, with recommendation for hire.

Performed a strategic technology assessment for a security card (Visa & MasterCard) manufacturer, encompassing hardware, software communication and human resource requirements. Assisted the Human Resources Manager in the search and hire of a new Technology Director.

Following its divestiture from a large conglomerate, assumed a temporary management role in the turnover process of a cement manufacturer. Assisted the new ownership team in developing the staffing, planning, control and reporting functions, as well as facilities planning.

Assisted a construction company in the implementation of financial and project management software (Oracle GL, Primavera).

Directed a large bakery operation in the conversion to financial software running on a personal computer-based local area network.

Designed and installed an on-line, real time order entry system used nationwide by a major chemical manufacturer. Various functions performed included order entry, credit checking, on-hand inventory verification, shipment reporting, invoice and bill-of-lading generation, and all appropriate journal entries as required.

Designed and installed a manufacturing data base system used by plant managers nationwide. Applications included payroll, accounts payable, general ledger, bill-of- material, standard costing, work orders (make sheet), on-hand inventory verification, perpetual inventory, and physical inventory processing by class or type.

Conducted short interval scheduling surveys in the assembly operation of a large farm equipment manufacturer.

Evaluated and installed financial software packages such as: general ledger, consolidation, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets and payroll.

Developed a strategic systems plan for a manufacturer of circuit breakers.

Managed a project to plan, implement and manage a local area network (LAN) for a European engineering firm. In addition, assisted in the design and implementation of a customized data base for project scheduling.

Assisted in a capacity planning study of the data center of a large industrial equipment manufacturer.


Technology:                                          TOP                                        

Assisted a small but rapidly growing spectral technology manufacturer and service provider in the evaluation and selection of financial and manufacturing software (Impact Systems).

Assisted a large computer recovery services corporation in the implementation of Oracle Financial software packages.

Assisted a large computer services corporation in the planning, evaluation and selection of LAN-based accounting software packages (MAS-90).

Performed an operational diagnostic study for a manufacturer of personal computers to determine reasons for inventory shortages.

Conducted an operations analysis for an electronics distributor with service centers nationwide.


Financial Services:                            TOP

Performed an operations analysis of a privately held investment management and trust company. Analysis led to the development of a long term strategic plan for information services, and the design of a portfolio data base.

Evaluated the data processing requirements of a small life and health insurance company and wrote the Request For Proposal (RFP), which was sent to hardware and software vendors.

Conducted a strategic planning study for the President of a small property and casualty insurance company.

Designed a proposed local area network (LAN) for the parent company of a property and casualty insurance company.

Assessed the technology requirements and plans of a legal and financial publishing business.


Utilities and Telecommunications:          TOP

Managed five application consultants and six users in the implementation of Oracle Financials for a privately held telecommunications company.

Defined the user and system requirements for a centralized accounting and management reporting system to be used by a large hydro-electric and nuclear power utility. Developed an implementation plan to be included in the general design document.

Managed a project team charged with developing the detail design document for the implementation of a purchasing system for a privately held electric utility.

Managed the implementation of an Accounting Consolidation and Financial Reporting system using package software (Consco) for a major communications holding company. Activities included job-stream construction, user training, accounting and functional support.

Performed an operational analysis for a communications company involved in paging and mobile telephones. In addition, conducted a performance review of the major financial systems in use.

Designed, coded and tested a management reporting package that provided financial and operational results on a monthly basis to the Board of Directors and Executive Management of a major communications holding company.


Transportation & Distribution:              TOP

Performed an enterprise wide analysis and evaluation of the information systems requirements of a newly merged beverage distribution business. Provided alternative options and recommended a preferred strategy to be followed in structuring technology for the new organization.

Designed an e-commerce type web site, allowing product searches and inquiries by customers for a beverage distributor (wines & spirits).

Designed and implemented a PC based system to control inventory located in an off-site public warehouse.

Designed accounting and maintenance inventory systems for a medium sized trucking company.

Developed the methodology to dispatch drivers which improved driver efficiency.

Performed an evaluation of tank car cleaning methods which reduced operating costs.

Designed and installed a billing and accounts receivable system which reduced the total of outstanding receivables by sixty per cent.

Evaluated and/or installed the following financial software: general ledger, billing, accounts receivable, and fixed assets.


Retailing:                                  TOP

Evaluated the Year 2000 (Y2K) plans of a major international footwear retailer.  Reviewed the information systems of the international trade department, and developed a strategic architecture design.  Developed a method to distinguish between Store and Distribution Center chargebacks for concealed shortages.

Conducted a major systems and operational review for a 35 store supermarket chain.

Designed and installed a centralized receiving operation for hard goods at a new warehouse and distribution center.

Evaluated Point-of-Sale equipment prior to selection by a major department store.

Actively managed two departments of 37 people while automating the manual retail accounting systems of a major east coast department store.

Compiled and published the following operating statements for a major east coast retailer: Open-to-Buy (semi-monthly), Departmental Operating Statement (monthly, 112 departments), Stock Ledger (monthly), Stock in Transit, Daily Flash Sales, Daily Markdown Report and Daily Operating Summary.


Health Care:                          TOP

Managed the installation of a new financial system for a University and hospital health care group.

Conducted an assessment of the information technology needs of a national medical billing management company, which specialized in hospital, physician and faculty practice billing and receivables management.

Performed operational diagnostic reviews of two nursing homes, an acute care center and an intermediate care/ residential facility. These studies included Materials Management (Purchasing and Inventory), Charge Control (Medical/ Surgical Supplies, Ancillary Services), Business Office (Admissions, Billing, Cash Management, Payroll and Staffing) and Data Processing requirements.

Installed a General Ledger system for a 12 hospital health care group.


Government                            TOP

      Analyzed and evaluated the procedures used to monitor and report awarded grants for the National Institutes of Health, Office of Extramural Research.  Designed new reporting techniques and recommended new work processes and procedures to improve the quality and timeliness of grant reporting.

     Conducted an organizational assessment of the management and business processes for the National Institutes of Health, Office of Extramural Research.  Surveyed the management and staff using on-line, interactive tools, which included Virtual CEO and the Harrison Assessment.  Documented and redesigned business processes to ease the workload and increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Performed a process analysis for the Office of the Secretary of Health of the State of Delaware.  The review, and subsequent redesign of the workflow, resulted in an 80% decrease in paper movement, and introduced the office to advanced technologies, such as document imaging and collaboration software.

Conducted a division-wide process review for a the Management Services Division of Delaware's Department of Health and Social Services, which is responsible for the control and enforcement of the state's welfare and entitlements programs.   Redesigned the organizational format to streamline the flow of work, and recommended new technologies to enhance the results.

Developed and RFP for a large county government to identify vendors capable of implementing a wide area network (WAN) across the county facilities.  Coordinated vendor responses, submitted an assessment report regarding the quality of the proposals, and sat on the selection committee.  After the vendor was chosen, negotiated the final agreement and oversaw the front-end process of implementation.

Managed an operational review and assessment of a county government's information technology function, and delivered a strategic technology plan for future use.


Non-Profit:                              TOP

Conducted an operations review and work flow process analysis of the administrative function of a children's social services agency. Developed a re-engineered model to reduce paper and work processes.

Reviewed and analyzed the business and financial operation of a large east coast university.

Assisted a Public Broadcasting station in the planning, evaluation and selection of LAN-based accounting and project management software packages.

Designed a billing and payables system for an east coast agricultural cooperative.

Developed an automation plan for an historical museum and library.

Developed a financial chart of accounts for a national membership and lobbying organization.

Conducted an operations review and analysis of the administrative functions of a major Roman Catholic Archdiocese.   



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